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Back To School

September is a great time for making fresh new resolutions and setting yourself study goals. You’ve had a restful break and should be feeling ready to tackle some new challenges.

If you’re about to embark on your GCSE courses it’s very important to get into good habits now and ensure you are organised and ready for the journey ahead. Here are my top three ‘back to school’ tips for new GCSE students:

Start with a plan! 

You’ve chosen your options and soon your timetable will be hot off the press. Think about creating a study timetable that you can fill in as soon as you get back to school. Try to designate some time each week for each subject. At first this might be time to complete homework or research but as the year progresses you can adjust this schedule to include revision. If you get into a good study habit from the outset, revision will just be a natural progression for you rather than a MASSIVE stress.

Look after your health!

Sleep. Food. Exercise. These are all essential to success. I’m not suggesting you spend all of your time sleeping but do make sure you are looking after your body and mind. If you nourish yourself with good food, sleep and exercise, you will notice the difference in your performance at school.


At this stage in your school career so much emphasis is put on GCSE grades and your future path. But this time is precious. So remember to enjoy learning and be in the moment whenever you can. Education should be enriching and not just a way to pass an exam. This is your time to investigate, question and form your own judgements so try to love what you do.

Good luck!




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